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      " We are all more than just dreamers. 
      We like taking it easy. Making ideas happen. Ensuring that our creativity is contagious.
      We know we've got what it takes and it's going to take everything we've got.
      We achieve little by little, until little becomes a lot. 
      Everyday our second chance. Everyday a better party "
      We are here to create that beautiful confrontation you’ve been escaping from and to connect you to art and its stories.  Each product in this collection of Unposted Letters conveys those simple, honest, colourful and heart-felt stories that you have been living through or been a part of. Because each character, each symbol and  each story is about how you look at it. 
      " We are simply, the medium. You are the message "
      All  limited edition products in the Unposted Letters store is personally crafted for each one of you. From the packaging to the experience to the story that it holds within. It is exactly how our artists, want it to reach you.
      The Unposted Letters is the official exclusive store of the Artist  Vimal Chandran . The brand name 'Unposted Letters' has been adopted from a series of doodles by Vimal Chandran. Our design philosophy remains the same as that of the series - simple, minimal and impactful.
      We truly believe you will enjoy this experience.