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    + What does it mean by 'Limited Edition'?

    For every 'Limited Edition' product, there will only be a fixed quantity of items crafted for sale. These items are specially made and packaged manually. Limited edition products will not be either manufactured as a bulk or beyond its initial quantity even if there's further demand.

    + Is there an Unposted Letters physical store so that I can walk-in, experience and purchase art products?

    We believe a web-store is the best way to reach people living at any corner of the globe. We do not have any physical store yet.

    + Is it mandatory to sign-up for a purchase?

    No, it is not mandatory to sign-up in our website for your purchase.

    + Is it safe to provide my card and bank details in your store?

    Yes, it is safe. We are taking all possible measures to protect your card/ bank details that you are providing at our store front during your purchase.

    + Are you saving my card or bank details?

    No, we are not saving any reusable card/ bank details in our database.

    + Are you storing my personal information in your database?

    When you purchase a product, we are saving some of your personal information in our database as provided by you. We may require this until you receive your shipment safely.

    + How can I track my orders?

    You can track your orders at Track Order page.

    + How can I cancel my orders?

    You can request for cancellation of your orders as per our cancellation policy provided under Shipping Policy page.

    + How long it takes to deliver my order?

    We understand your eagerness to receive our special piece at your doorstep! Once a product is purchased, we will try to deliver this as earlier as possible as per our Shipping Policy.

    + How can I contact you for my inquiries?

    Any inquiries, please write us info@unpostedletters.in